Our Current focus is high quality cosmetic and medical   dispensers and disposables. We obtain our products from both local and international sources. We also manufacture a    small number of containers, bottles and jars ourselves to ensure we are able to satisfy the needs of our smaller clients at the most competitive prices.

If we currently don’t stock your desired item, we will procure / manufacture it just for you… 

We also do keep abreast of the industry , market changes WRT to design, and innovation of products (looks, styles and client preferences) this is  to ensure that we and our clients are head in terms of  the availability of new varieties and styles.
We are also currently engaging with raw material suppliers to cater for our current customers. These raw materials include the necessary basis, which are used in the manufacturing of medical drugs, as well as antiseptic disinfectants.

Products which we are associated with:

Various Pump / Mist dispensors
Various Trigger Dispensors
Various bottles for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
Various types of Closures / Caps
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